"Thanks to Indonesia" in Jakarta Japan Matsuri 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011

  Building on friendship since 50 years ago, Jak-Japan Matsuri held with the aim to enlarge and strengthen the bonds of friendship that can survive the changing times, this year entered the  3rd   celebration of the Jakarta Japan Matsuri . In the midst of a very rapidly changing times, circumstances surrounding the relationship between Indonesia and Japan had changed a lot. To continue the friendship, we work closely with the Indonesian people holding hands and should continue the bond of brotherhood that has happened. 
Japan Matsuri will take place in several places in Jakarta city from 18 September-25 September 2011 with the final event at MONAS on 25th of Septermber and will feature various Japanese cultural performances, as well as exhibitions, seminars and contests.

Head of the organizing committee, Kuroda Kenichi, said "We want to make Jakarta Japan Matsuri-3 this year is full of gratitude for our friendship and support from Indonesia, so the theme this year is" Thank you, Indonesia". Jak-Japan Matsuri was held thanks to support from you all. By using a portion of the fund sponsor, and also any programs held throughout the implementation period, will be filled with gratitude to Indonesia, and then our hope is that we took another step towards the relations of Japan and Indonesia are more beautiful . "
The festival is supported by Jakarta-based groups, including the Jakarta Japan Club, Jakarta Shimbun daily and Jakarta Matsuri Noai.

Photos of Jak Japan Matsuri 2009, contains Japan cultures, japan customes, Japan Hero in Manga or Anime :

The Child Omikoshi Parade

The Costum Player Character 
Attractions Taiko drummer in front of the audience at the close of Jak-Japan Matsuri at the MONAS

Outline of Events Jak-Japan Matsuri
18 September: Opening Ceremony (Place: Nikko Hotel Jakarta) 

Septemer 19th
  • Nakamura Japan ("KINNIKU Densetsu - Muscle Musical-"and" Drama of the Majapahit Kingdom - Kizuna, An Association of Friendship ")
• Traditional Japanese music performance
• Lecture on Japanese Tea
• Match Sports
• Seminar / Symposium of Japan-related *
• Events Indonesia-Japan Cultural Exchange 

September 20th - 24th
• Still in the plainning stage
September 25 th: the finale (where: Monas)
(* Still in the planning stage)

Embassy of Japan in Indonesia
Jalan MH Thamrin No.24 Jakarta Pusat
Tel: 021-3192-4308
Fax: 021-3192-4820
E-mail: jw-jakarta@hotmail.co.jp

For information about Sponsorship Instructions can be downloaded at http://www.id.emb-japan.go.jp/matsuri/sponsorship.pdf

Implementation Financing
Costs of conducting "Jak-Japan Matsuri" derived from the sale of entrance tickets at the Closing event, publicity materials (such as T-shirts, fan, banner), Fund Raising Golf Tournament (planning stage), as well as all your warm support.


Opening @ Hotel Nikko, Ballroom, 1F (Sunday, 18th of Sept, 2011) at 1.00 PM until 4.00 PM
Welcome dance
Oedo Sukeroku Taiko Jakarta performances
Foreword Committee Chairman, Ambassador of Japan and Governor of DKI Jakarta
The opening of Jak-Japan Matsuri
Mochi Tsuki (Japanese Mochi Making Demo) Cutting Tuna Fish  Demo
Sushi Battle
The show "21st Century Classical Japanese Music and Dance" 

 "Nakamura Japan Dramatic Company" Performances
Sushi Battle Winners Announced
Appearance Tono & Dion

Closing @ Monas (Sunday, 25 Sept 2011) hours of 11:00 to 21:00 

Oedo Sukeroku Taiko Jakarta ~ Opening
Committee Chairman Foreword
Oedo Sukeroku Taiko performances Jakarta
Performing Silat Betawi and Rebana Hadrah
Yosakoi Soran dance
En Juku performances
Performing Ohayashi
Kochi Yosakoi dance
Okinawa Eisa Dance
The Omikoshi Performances
Galaxy Jazz Band Performances
VIP reception
Performing "Nakamura Japan Dramatic Company"
Jakarta Performing Ensemble Keionbu and Galaxy

Calendar of events above are subject to change.
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