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Currently the computer is no longer a luxury, this tool has been used in various fields of work as well as in the field of education. At first computers used in schools as a support for the smooth work of the field
administration by utilizing the software Microsoft word, excel and access.
With the influx of material Information and Communication Technology in the new curriculum, the role of computers as a major component in ICT has a very important position as one of learning media. Excerpts from the Curriculum for the Subject Information and Communication Technology
· Vision subjects of Information and Communication Technology is for students to and accustomed to using Information and Communication Technology tools are appropriate and optimal to obtain and process information in learning, work, and other activities so that students can be creative, to develop imaginative attitudes, develop exploration capabilities independent, and easily adapt to new developments in its environment · Through the subjects of Information Technology and Communications is expected that students can engage in rapid changes in life that have additions and changes in the use of various information and communication technology products.
Students using the Information and Communication Technology to explore, explore, analyze, and exchange information efficiently and effectively. Using Information and Communication Technology, students will be with
quickly get ideas and experiences from various walks of life. The addition of a student's ability because the use of Information and Communication Technology will develop the attitude of initiative and self-learning ability, so students
and consider themselves can decide when and where the use of Information and Communication appropriately and optimally, including the implications of the present and the future.

· Technology Information and Communications Technology (ICT) includes two aspects, namely Information and Communications Technology. Information Technology, covering all matters relating to process, use as aids, manipulation, and information management. Communication technology is all things relating to the use of assistive devices to process and transfer data from one device to another. Therefore, Information Technology and Communication Technology is an equivalent of an integral containing a broader sense of all activities related to the processing, manipulation, management, and transfer / transfer of information between the media.
· Specifically, the purpose of studying Information Technology and Communication are:
1. Students aware of the potential development of information and communication technologies are constantly changing so that students can be motivated to evaluate and study the Information and Communication Technology as a foundation for lifelong learning.
2. Motivating students' ability to adapt and anticipate the development of Information and Communication Technology, so students can carry out and live life activities independently seharihari and more confident.
3. Developing student competence in using ICT to support learning activities, work, and various activities in life seharihari.
4. Develop study skills-based Information and Communication Technology, so that the learning process can be optimized, interesting, and encourage students skilled in communicating, skilled organizing information, and accustomed to working.
5. Developing self-learning ability, initiative, innovative, creative, and responsible in the use of Information and Communication Technology for learning, working, and problem solving seharihari.

By viewing the contents of the curriculum, we must integrate ICT in teaching and learning at the school not only for the subjects of technology and information only. Looking at the current condition of ICT and its development in the future, we must prepare ourselves and do the planning in implementing ICT in schools. If we do not start now then the madrasas as one of the educational institutions other than schools under the Education Ministry will be missed by other schools. If this happens, our efforts will be increasingly hard to align the madrassas with other schools. On the one hand, we're trying to catch up in subjects especially Mathematics and BahasaInggris, on the other side of ICT will make us further behind. Observing developing a program conducted ICT Ministry To catch the utilization of ICT in schools from other countries, when iniDepdiknas have ICT development program in ia.
There are three important positions in the Ministry of Education in ICT development program, namely:
1. Fields of vocational, ICT became one of the majors at SMK. ICT development is technically both hardware and software into the education curriculum. Establishment of ICT centers throughout Indonesia. To connect sekolahsekolah built around ICT center WAN (Wireless Area Network) City.
2. Pustekkom, as one of the spearheads in the development of interactive educational TV, Elearning and ESMA. The program aims to narrow the gap between the educational quality of a big city with the area.
3. Jardiknas (National Education Network), aims to integrate the two programs above in order to form a network that connects all schools in Indonesia. So I assume that in future all schools in Indonesia will be connected to the Internet. Looking at a program organized by the Ministry of Education we can use the facility because it is open.

ICT development in Madrasah in Mandiri
We're not too late to prepare for the mastery of ICT as a medium of learning in schools. From now on the madrassas and the Majlis Madrasah should make an overall ICT development program. There are several points to create an ICT development plan, including:
1. Uniting the vision and mission of ICT development to be achieved between the principals, teachers and madrasah majlis.
2. Formation Technology Committee (Organization Labkom) independent
3. Identify infrastructure agency, whether hardware, software and systems and networks are owned
4. Determination of hardware and software to be used or developed.
5. Identifying HR owned
6. Determine the shape of the mastery of ICT training for teachers and other staff.
7. Time presence of a clear schedule for achieving program
8. Determination of investment required at regular intervals each year
9. Identify software development and new curriculum
10. Hold a revised plan tailored to the developments.
With careful planning, we can gradually develop ICT at the school so as not to lag behind other schools. Program created emotion implemented on an ongoing basis despite the change of the head and majilis madrasa. Utilization of ICT For Learning ICT Media is not a stand-alone technology, but it is a combination of hardware and software.Ada important things that must be considered in utilizing ICT as a learning medium that is hardware and software that is available and the types of learning methods will be used. Some use of ICT in learning including:
1. Presentation
The presentation is a long way already in use, by using OHP or chart. The equipment used today typically use a computer / laptop and LCD projector. There are several advantages if we make use of ICTs among us can display animations and movies, so it looks to be more attractive and easier for students to catch the material that we deliver. The most widely used software
for presentations is Microsoft PowerPoint. There are several things that must be considered in making the presentation materials,
a. Not too many posts to be displayed.
b. Posts do not be too small as to be seen by many students.
c. Expand to insert images and animations
d. Try to form an interactive presentation.
2. Demonstration
Demonstrations are usually used to display an activity in front of the class, such as experimental. We can make a film Such measures do an activity such as how to take measurements with a micrometer is right or take some important activities. So in this way can we direct students to do the activities that right or draw conclusions from such activities.
Another way is to utilize the Internet media, we can display an animation-related material that we teach (although not all available). As an example to show the direction of the vector cross product we can access the Internet at the address

RightHandRule / RightHandRule.html
3. Virtual Experiment
The purpose of the virtual experimental laboratory here is an activity that moved in front of the computer. Children can do some experiments with virtual experiments utilizing software such as Crocodile Clips. This software can be downloaded at http://www.crocodileclips. com/s3_1.jsp, but you must register first to get an active code that is valid for a month.
This method can be used if we do not have a complete science lab or used before performing the actual experiment.
4. Virtual Classroom
The purpose here is the virtual classroom students learn independent web-based, for example using moodle. I give examples of virtual classes that we are developing in MAN 2 Ciamis.Pada virtual classroom, pupils will get the material, assignments and tests online. We as teachers gain the ease of the task of examining and assessing students' exam results. Especially the results of the exam students will be assessed automatically.
Actually, many other forms of utilization of ICT can be used to assist students in teaching and learning. But it all depends on us how to use it.
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