9 Health The Misleading Myths

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We hear a lot of health information circulating by word of mouth in the community. We take it as truth because almost everyone believed it. In fact, some of the myths that are not supported by scientific truth. Here are nine of them.

1. Reading in the dark ruin your eyes

Have you ever been advised not to read in the dark because it can damage the eye? Reading in the dark will only tiring eyes but does not damage our eyes.

2. The heart is on the left chest

Almost everyone when asked where the heart it will hold the left chest. It is a misconception. The heart is located almost in the middle of our chest, tucked safely behind the chest cavity.

3. Stress can make hair gray overnight

Evidence did show that stress can speed up the gray hair. A person who experienced the tension and sadness in a long time can be faster to have gray hair. However, the process is not in one night. The process changes the color to gray hair occurs gradually. The pattern of discoloration is usually genetic, there are still black hair there also turn gray.

4. The best way to be slim is to eat as little as possible.

If you eat very little, your weight will drop quickly, which seems to be very effective. But in the long run it is bad for your health and your weight. If you eat too little, you will lack vitamins and minerals so weak and tired. Your body will lack the necessary energy and will seek alternative sources of energy to burn fat with muscle. Also slows down your metabolism, because muscle mass is reduced to make slower combustion. Your body becomes very efficient. When you then drop off the diet and eat more (the majority of people do), then the combination of efficiency and the intake of excess calories will make you gain weight quickly rise again. Often the weight you more than ever. This is often called yo-yo effect. The best way to be slim is with a program that combines a gradual decrease in caloric intake and increased firing.

5. The best way to overcome the hiccups is to drink water

Medically, there is no evidence of the effectiveness of drinking water or hold their breath in overcoming the hiccups. Instead, according to the old recommendation of the New England Journal of Medicine (1971), swallowing a spoonful of sugar sand grains are even more effective. According to the study, this tactic succeeded in stopping hiccups in 19 out of 20 patients.

6. Chills makes you prone to flu

A study ever conducted on the Common Cold Research Unit, Salisbury, England, where a group of volunteers inoculated with influenza virus is brought closer to their nose. Half the group was placed in a warm room while the remaining bath and soaked for half an hour, then dressed but wearing wet socks for several hours. Group not exposed to wet more than cold dry groups. Conclusion: The cold does not affect the immune system.

7. Warm milk make children fall asleep easily

Milk contains little tryptophan, an amino acid that affects sleep easier. However, you need gallons of milk to feel its effects. When you find your child is so easy to fall asleep after drinking milk, actually rutinitasnyalah which helps children become calm.

8. We only use 10 percent of our brain.

Numerous brain imaging studies have shown that no one else in the brain region that completely silent or inactive. Detailed brain imaging has failed to identify 90 percent of the contents of the brain "is not exploited". The myth that our brains are just a few that used may come from sellers who try to offer a "new innovation" in improving the ability of the brain.

9. Shaving makes hair grow back faster and rough.

Waxing, shaving or hair pull will not change the texture or growth rate. The new hair grows back is blunt, but in time they will look exactly like your hair before.
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