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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Google's Gmail e-mail domain rules of the professional world, a new study claims. In the Internet age it is important to know how good you look into the World Wide Web, and for beginners, e-mail account, the fit is very important.This year surveyed 700,000 users and ask them to answer certain questions. This question is to predict the demographic, personality and other features on the e-mail accounts. Accounts, which are divided into four areas are: Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and Hotmail / MSN.
This is what a feeling to say the e-mail users say about it:
Gmail users:Gmail users can young men who are relatively thin at age 18 to 34. You keep one, if not two bachelor's degrees and career-oriented. Gmail users are bred in the rule, as in traveling, living in metropolitan areas and "plugged into the world of technology -. You read the blog, has an iPhone and a laptop, and listen to MP3" Gmail male users tend to politically liberal, single and live life not father a child.How to find us on Facebook
Hotmail / MSN users:Hotmail users tend to single women the same age as Gmail users, 18 -, 34 or younger. Unlike users of Gmail, Live Hotmail / MSN users in the suburbs, and perhaps with their parents. The group is "more closed" and as the report shows that they love to read contemporary fiction, eating sweets, and have a pessimistic view.
Yahoo! members:This e-mail account, users are more likely to be overweight females 18-49. You hold the high school diploma, has more than two children, and enjoy a relaxing (relaxing, lazy). They wear pajamas more often than Hotmail and Gmail. This group tends to read more magazines, and spend more time on the computer (although this does not mention which sites in the study). You listen to CDs more often than MP3 and more slender towards extroverted behavior.
AOL Users:These users tend to overweight women with children, such as the user's Yahoo, but it tends between the ages of 35-60. She is also an extrovert, and in a relationship for over ten years. You do not have to travel as much as Gmail.
Kelly Ford, vice president of marketing for the suspect told Tech Daily News: "Although this correlation is not applicable to each specific case, the data show that there are common attributes and demographic measures with more than one e-mail domains than others."
What this means
Gmail is the preferred professional e-mail account, and the employer believes that Gmail is more serious than other e-mail accounts, shows
"No one will take you seriously if you have an old domain," said Ford, "AOL is the worst reputation among the users of e-mail spam, and people can also be suspicious of strange email from Hotmail as well, so that it is advisable to stick with Gmail. "
No less important is the name of the e-mail. The first and last name better, but not everyone can have a unique Gmail accounts. Ford, however, suggest, if not you can add your name, address, e-mail makes the professional. For example, stay away from names like "fuzzy bear", "BananaHana" and "IHeartJBieb."
"Just as you would carefully select clothes for an interview please enter your e-mail domain with the same precision to choose and think about the impression you want to do," said Ford

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