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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

hmm .. from the information I can, from an article I read, I found this news .. I initially ignored, but the more I survey, a growing number of bloggers who write about this article .. wuw,,
I've read on one blog (forgot the name of his blog) he said., pake domain will not last long,
hmm,, fortunately just after reading the article I immediately changed my blog domain, before it I do not take care of this blog,,

was posted by a blogger friend becomes a reality, and now is the fact it happened,, (sebernya hell from yesterday): D, I tried mancari "on google and none domain. bener google" remove all the domains associated with ..
ckckckckc .. what happened? what has been broken because his contract? ahhahahah I do not know,,

for bloggers who blog are not indexed by google, do not be discouraged,, continue to work to build a blog is a proffesional,, my suggestion to use my domain dot blogspot only, because blogspot is the property of its google ... be great disposable pay (dot com, or something like it)
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