Danger Receive Phone Charger While HP!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Receiving Phone Dangers When HP Charger. The latest news about "mobile phone exploded while in charge". After I read, so I know en 'thinkers turned out the dangers received a call at HP in the charger. In my own almost every day telponan trus sometimes while on the charger so. The following chronology and photographs of the tragedy phone explodes while on charger.

Danger Receive Phone Charger When the HP in
A few days ago, there was a charge laki2 [Nge'cas] phone at his home. Then at the same time a call came and he answered the phone while still connected to the electrical contact.

After a few seconds, the incoming electrical current without any control, mobile phone exploded and the young man was thrown to the floor loudly.!

Her parents immediately rushed into his room and found him unconscious, with a weak heartbeat and burnt fingers. He was rushed to the hospital nearby, but "his soul was beyond help" when it came to the hospital.

Maybe my friend can not believe in or think hoax.Tapi according to the info that this incident bener gue dapet-2 real, here's photographic evidence of the mobile phone explosion:

Photo of the affected room explosion. It can be seen: phone, headset, pillow, blanket burnt in an explosion equal.

Finger on fire victims.
Conclusions can be drawn:

1. Do not answer the phone while in charge!
2. Do not to charge the HP all night and placed in close pal!

Really sad events that happened. maybe wrote he used a fake mobile phone batteries. So buy and use the original battery! But whatever batrenya, try to make you not received a phone call while phone in the charger again, not until you become the next victim ....
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